Faye2Fit is a fitness service based at Cardiff Central Youth Club.

Services provided include One on One (mobile home visits available), Group (up to 5 People) personal training, HIIT Bootcamp, nutritional consultations and strength and conditioning.

  • Do you want to kick start a new healthier you, but don’t know how to go about it?
  • Is your schedule so busy you don’t see how you would ever have the time to fit in a regular exercise routine?
  • Ladies have you ever felt like giving exercise a go, but haven’t because you don’t feel comfortable getting hot and sweaty in front of men?
  • Are you training for a challenge or special event?
  • Or simply looking to increase your energy levels and general fitness but feel you can’t afford the going rate of a personal training?

No matter what your motivation is Faye2Fit can help you strive towards your goals. With the mix of HIIT Bootcamp (some are dedicated to women only) lasting just 45mins and costing £5 to small group and individual one on one Personal Training Sessions, there really is something for everyone!

HIIT Boot Camp - Faye2Fit
what our Clients are saying....
  • “Faye is passionate about fitness, knowledgeable and has a genuine concern for the success for her clients. Her easy going, friendly nature creates a relaxed atmosphere in which to train, whilst her passion and determination ensures that each workout is challenging and most importantly fun. I highly recommend her to anyone at any fitness level and will be a client for life”.


    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Hanna, Lawyer
  • ” I have been working with Faye for over 2 years and in that time she has increased my fitness level and has helped me for the first time in years to successfully lose 2 stone in weight. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Faye’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise and importantly motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. Faye is an excellent trainer”.

    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Lorraine, Lawyer
  • “My wife started using Faye after a hip replacement operation. She had previously been very fit and active and needed to regain her strength and stamina. Faye was very specific with her exercise routine and knew exactly the muscle groups to work on. The regime Faye created worked perfectly for her and surpassed her previous ability.

    I had suffered from an 18 month period with Sciatica and required to strengthen my core particularly along my spine to reduce the risk of this returning. Faye’s routines are structured weekly and are organized in such a way that each week is different but centers around the same goal. She has a firm and supportive style and always ensures that the exercise is carried out in the correct manner to achieve the required results. She brings her own equipment and is able to adjust her time to cater for the unexpected.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Faye to anyone”.


    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    David, Farmer
  • “I’m a thirty something professional with a demanding job. I started training with Faye to improve my physique, get fit and relieve stress. Four years later, I am doing things in a public gym that I never thought I would be able to do. Our training sessions are most enjoyable and varied and I have even learnt to do some Olympic type of lifts. My body shape has changed completely and I am more toned without being muscular. Our training sessions have also improved my life outside the gym. As a non-athlete, I have become physically confident enough to learn to ski, windsurf and take part in amateur cycle events, things I had never tried before. She has a natural feel for people and we have a good rapport. She knows when to push me, when to test my limits, but also when to decrease the intensity and focus on other elements of exercise. Faye is a true professional”.

    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Danielle, Doctor
  • “When I started woking with Faye 4 years ago, I had 3 goals in mind: lose weight and maximise my fitness levels, have fun, and of course get my PhD. Due to religious reasons I needed a female personal trainer, as I cannot exercise in front of men. Faye has understood and respected my needs, which also include me being asthmatic and having a thyroid condition. Faye’s intensive routines and superb techniques have made me achieve things I never thought possible and as a result my self esteem has improved. Doing a PhD is very stressful, and as an added bonus I found working out with Faye very destressing, and it really has helped keep me sane throughout the last few years.

    I can happily say I have dropped 3 dress sizes to date, and I am on the verge of completing my PhD, Faye has been a big part in achieving both goals, I couldn’t of asked for more”.


    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Shada, PhD Student
  • “Faye has shown me how I should be exercising, and this made me realise that I had been doing some things wrong for quite a few years.  She has shown me how to work my core and abs properly, and most important of all, she has shown me how to correct my posture.  I say most important, as a poor posture is very aging and can contribute to all sorts of problems.  Added to all this, Faye is possessed of great common sense and due to her academic and sporting background is very knowledgeable indeed regarding all aspects of fitness.  Some people are bemused when I tell them I see a personal trainer.  To me it makes perfect sense”.


    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Carmel, Open University Tutor
  • “I have been trained by Faye for nearly three years now. I have quite a demanding job that takes me all over Europe, so basically I was sitting down all day. I needed to gain strength, especially my core strength as I suffered from a bad back. I can honestly say that Faye tailored, and continues to tailor my training program specifically for my needs. I am delighted with the results, I’m fitter, stronger, and have lots of energy. I strongly encourage anyone who needs a tailored solution to fitness to use Faye”.


    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Huw, European Sales Manager
  • I’ve been a severe, brittle asthmatic since childhood, but was able to remain active until my early 20’s, when unfortunately my health declined, leading to significant steroid induced weight gain, depression and sleep problems. Desperately wanting to improve my fitness to help my asthma, but feeling anxious about going back to a gym, I sought the help of a personal trainer who would understand my condition. I contacted Faye and it was the best decision I’ve made. Faye has been incredible at finding exercises I can manage without exacerbating my asthma whilst building my confidence. My fitness is improving with every session and I’m sleeping well again. Thank you, Faye!

  • “I have been training with Faye for 5 years and she’s helped me overcome some serious hip and leg problems that I developed following both my pregnancies. As a new mum, with a postnatal body, weakness and mobility problems training with Faye has been a godsend. She was able to come to the house for my training which allowed me to exercise, while caring for my baby. Training with Faye has been a fantastic experience, she’s got incredible expertise (both in hardcore fitness and also rehabilitation from injury) and is a great motivator. Best of all though, she’s kind, friendly and totally committed to help her clients achieve their goals”.


    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Radha, Neuro Scientist
  • “Faye has been working with my young daughter, Immy, once a week for over a year now. Immy has cerebral palsy and had spinal neurosurgery two years ago which reduced the neural tightness in her legs and enabled her to learn to walk with a walking frame. Immy still has lots of weakness in her muscles and she finds it hard to activate the right muscles quickly. Faye has a great relationship with Immy and works her hard with lots of humour and encouragement. She is a great problem-solver too and I find that the work they do together really complements Immy’s regular physiotherapy and other activities. Immy looks forward to Faye’s visits and always works really hard. I’d really recommend Faye to anyone who wants to build strength and get fit – she has lots of great ideas and her sessions are really focussed and good fun”.


    Compound Exercises - Faye2Fit
    Sue, Charity Owner